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May. 27th, 2008 06:01 pm (UTC)
And here's the journal!

Also...too lazy to unscreen my application.
May. 30th, 2008 12:32 pm (UTC)
Player information:

Name: Kei/Tachan
A/S/L: 27/Female/Australia
AIM: Lethal Chimera
Other contact information:
MSN: shannonmac98@hotmail.com
Email: evoiiice9a@gmail.com

Character information

Name: Uchiha Itachi
Occupation: Visual Kei Guitarist/ Backing vocalist
PB: Aoi from the GazettE

Personality: There would be no chance that Itachi would ever be considered the front man. While he has the beauty that would set girls into screaming fits falling down at his feet pledging their undying loving for him, the main thing that Itachi is lacking is certain finesse. He tend to stay away from the interviews which is why he would never consider going solo, never talkative, uninterested in explaining his life. While he stays professional about it all towards everyone, he comes across as abrasive and arrogant, somewhat of a prima donna. He doesn’t want to inspire anyone and tends to keep to his self and do his own thing. Which of course is impossible giving the lifestyle that he lives in. Behind the scenes, he is a hard worker. Always one of the first to arrive and the last to level, making sure that everything is done to perfection. Most of his late nights are spent in the studio going over music, practicing so he is ready for the next studio day, making sure everything is going to run smoothly.
May. 30th, 2008 12:37 pm (UTC)
Itachi Part 2
History: All he had to say that his last name was Uchiha and most people would already know the story. Rich parents, loving mother, good upbringing and well taken care of. School he excelled but there was his own interests that he had. And that was sport.

Itachi’s life looked like he was destined for great things with an active life in sports that were going to see him places. During his younger years he had taken to the normal school curriculum of basketball, volleyball, baseball and many other things that included balls but he had one love even though it had him mocked by many. Artistic gymnastics as well as martial arts. Now the martial arts kept him from being ridiculed too often but the brave ones commented on his pansy style since he was born with a feminine quality, gay jokes mostly as a repercussion as if he was a male cheerleader. Overall, Itachi would only brush them off and continue on with his life until the day he gotten into an altercation at a competition meet with one of the other contenders. Words were only spoken between the two which was less than harmless… only that during their round, an accident occurred that left them with a dislocated knee. Investigations were made into the incident and final results found that the apparatuses had been tampered and fingered were pointed straight to Itachi with prejudice. His career in the field came to an end, going from Olympic contender to barred for life within a matter of moments.

He was still young when that had happened but being that he had given so much of his life to it, he felt lost. Identity loss in some matter of the sense where he didn’t know what direction he was going and yet children his ages would be more worried about Pokemon cards then that. Then it came to high school, a shock of life itself with the radical change between child and teen. The damage of years of having an anti social personality was finding him not fitting in well with the new surroundings, until he met him.

After witnessing Itachi practicing in the school gym late one afternoon after the day had finished, the man who became to become his mentor propositioned him into thinking about partaking in something that was more rewarding than girly gymnastics, something better, artistic and freeform. From there he was introduced to Parkour. Instantly he felt a connection with it, something suited better taking the steps of freerunning mixed with martial arts and gymnastics combining all that he enjoyed in the world.

They were called as hooligans by the general public with the way they used the city as their own personal playground, catching attention of the Police, being brought home time and time again to his father who was not at all pleased with his behavior. But the Uchiha didn’t care, straight back out onto the streets once again to bred his own form of chaos and mayhem. Tensions grew high between him and his father to the point where they had formed a bitter attitude towards each other, no longer talking except for a few grunts. He was completely self-destructing mixed with the whirlwind of delinquency. That was until that day.

A team from outside of the city had heard about the group and decided to take it upon themselves to challenge them, to see who the best was. Itachi and another were picked to battle each other out through the city with a friendly display… only that the other was not as pure. Cheating to win, he knocked Itachi during an aerial flip from a second floor drop that he was not able to recover from, rendering himself unconscious against the wall, landing in a crumbled heap on the concrete.
May. 30th, 2008 12:39 pm (UTC)
Itachi Part 3
Itachi survived but it was not the same, his leg almost shattered and torn ligaments in his knee saw him undergoing extensive surgery that would never allow him to do Parkour or any other physically strenuous activity again. He had now faced the second crushing blow of his life. His mother however, tried everything to bring him out of the void he was dragging himself down into with a strange purchase of a guitar so he would know that he could still use his hands in some way. At first, he hated it. Stuck in bed with music books around him trying to learn the cords, what strings meant what, strumming randomly to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Still, he applied himself to it until it started to get easier, shortly afterwards he was picking up the cords through just listening to music alone. Throughout the rest of the high school he continued to play even after he had gone through rehab leaving him back to a productive lifestyle, taking it one step further after he graduated in pursuing a career.

Now all he has to do is keep that problematic past under wraps.

Third Person RP Sample: Huddled together in a small group was the band, hunched over with the leader giving them all a pep talk for the concert that were about to go out and give. Itachi wasn’t sure why people kept to this ridiculous tradition as it was a given. You play bad, people don’t come. People don’t come then they did not get paid. You did not get paid then well they would be down at the local CD store selling the music instead of making it. Giving the show of your life each time every time was pretty much a given but still here he was, head to head with the other members nodding along robotically like he cared.

“Uchiha! Watch your riff in the fourth set.”

What? His riff, hah. How about you seek some vocal training so it doesn’t sound like you have just staggered from a bar after three days of drinking straight? Oh, perhaps that is because you have. “I know,” he replied with an inward scowl.

That’s what he was there for, to make him look good, give the fans that bit of servicing to make them squeal in happiness when his ass was ‘mistakenly’ grabbed by the singer. No one cared about his voice when they were seeing a display like that. No one cared when Atsushi Sakurai was drinking on stage, slurring his words horribly off-key because their eyes were too busy glued to his hand on the keyboardist’s crotch.

“Okay everyone in!”

Each member stacked their hands one of top of each other in some sort of display of group respect, except that Itachi’s had only been lightly resting in the middle, ready to pull back out at any moment. Another tradition, how boring. This wasn’t an inspirational football match. Still, as the countdown from three finished they all raised their hands up high chanting the band name… you know… just in case they forgot what it was, pulling back all set and ready to go.

One by one, they filed out in a straight line taking their instruments on the way through to the stage, taking their positions waiting for the drop of the curtain. Itachi could only shake his head at the raring of the crowd, rolling his eyes back as he took his position. Sometimes he wondered why he ever took this up, why not go and finish a university degree and then the veil dropped down revealing the thousands of screaming people before him. It was certainly not for them either. One day he will ask himself that same question again but for now, he was going to do exactly what they had set out to do and that was to give the show of his life.

Additional questions/comments: Ahh umm kinda got creative. Sorry.
Jun. 1st, 2008 02:14 am (UTC)
That's fine, bb. ♥

Congratulations, you are accepted into Ongakuai!

Please create your character journal, reply to the IC and OOC contact post,
add others to your friends list, and join ongakuai, ongaku_gijutsu and ongakuai_anata.
Jun. 1st, 2008 11:31 am (UTC)
Re: Accepted!
Teehee done and done ♥
Jun. 16th, 2008 02:02 am (UTC)
Player information:

Name: Andy
A/S/L: 17/female/Earth (more specifically, East coast~)
AIM: andyinmypanties
Other contact information: loonymoony7@verizon.net

Character information

Name: Sabakuno Temari
Occupation: Singer and songwriter.
PB: Temari looks white. So can it be Kristen Bell?
What are your preferred pairings for this character? ShikaTema all day, everyday. Well, maybe with a side helping of TemaTen and TemaIno, but whatever.

Personality: Temari is blunt and sarcastic. Throw in some intelligence, an opinionated woman who must speak her mind, and witty remarks that make even the most patient and tolerable of men want to bash their head into a wall and you’ve got yourself a well-oiled, fine-tuned piece of Temari. However, deep under the façade of independence, dry humor, and unpremeditated bouts of violence, she’s caring almost to a fault. The people she loves (and while they are few in number, they do exist) are people she takes care of, regardless of her or their situation. But those who get on her bad side well… experience a Temari that scares even the manliest and courageous of people.

History: She was the only female in a family made for the opposite sex. There was no such thing as delicate, frail, gentle Sabakunos, and therefore, there was no such thing as a female heir, even if she was the first born and more than competent enough to deal with anything the company got itself into. So Temari was raised like a boy—treated like one, taught like one, beat like one. But she managed to escape by studying abroad for years. It was no wonder why home became such a foreign word in her vocabulary.

Still, anger was a fairly common problem amongst the Sabakuno family, the blood something she could never get too far from. To cope with the fact she wanted to fly to Japan, where the family had resided for two generations, just to snap her father’s neck, the blonde Sabakuno teenager turned to music, immersing herself in composing lyrics and pouring her heart out. While it was a simple hobby and karaoke was damn fun after nine glasses of beer along with her brothers for company (something she’d missed for the months she was gone), somehow she (along with her brothers) was discovered and offered the chance of a lifetime: to make it big without the help of her father, without her family name hanging over her head and dictating her life.

Temari had always been a rebel. It was no surprise that she was the first to accept.

Jun. 16th, 2008 02:02 am (UTC)
Third Person RP Sample: There was one reason why Temari hated Japan.

And only one reason.

Actually, no. There were many. But there was one main reason that made her want to run away and never look back.


It was bad enough that they existed and seemed to make TV almost useless. It was even worse when she got sucked into it all. Like now, when she was sitting in front of the TV, looking rather much like a zombie, her eyes glued to the screen as reruns of Hana Yori Dango paraded across her screen and made her forget that she was supposed to start writing that one song for the band.

Dammit. Why were doramas so addicting? And why was Domyouji being such a little asshole to Makino? If it’d been her, and she had a guy telling her to shut up or something, she’d castrate him in a second and feed him his testicles for dinner.

She was glad her life wasn’t like a dorama, despite the fact she was famous and susceptible to the drama that came along with the entertainment business. There would be no way she’d ever fall for a guy she hated.


Additional questions/comments: ILU, BB. Also, if the Gaara and Kankurou applicants would rather they be independent solo artists, that’s a-okay with me. I’ll just tweak the history a bit. Blah blah blah.
Jun. 16th, 2008 02:08 am (UTC)
Congratulations, you are accepted into Ongakuai!

Please create your character journal, reply to the IC and OOC contact post,
add others to your friends list, and join ongakuai, ongaku_gijutsu, ongakuai_news, and ongakuai_anata.

liek, omg no wai u liv on erth? wat iz it liek ther?

Jun. 16th, 2008 02:10 am (UTC)
Jun. 16th, 2008 02:44 am (UTC)
erth iz liek buttseckz.


(also, done with everythang~)
(Deleted comment)
Jun. 16th, 2008 01:36 pm (UTC)
Congratulations, you are accepted into Ongakuai!

Please create your character journal, reply to the OOC and IC contact post,
add others to your friends list, and join ongakuai, ongaku_gijutsu, ongakuai_news, and ongakuai_anata.

And that's fine, bb! That was actually easer to read than a string of comments.
Jun. 16th, 2008 11:41 am (UTC)
Player information:

Name: Sarra
A/S/L: 18/Female/Seattle
AIM: Mofo I Am Pope
Other contact information: I can be reached at either pop.that.tart@gmail.com or my journal boss_battle. :0

Character information

Name: Uzumaki Naruto
Occupation: Lead Vocalist in a J-rock band
PB: Ruki from the GazetteE
What are your preferred pairings for this character? NaruSasuNaru, definitely, but I love NaruSaku and NaruHina as well. All other pairings are welcome as well. :D Soo~ not picky.

Personality: (This doesn't need to be too long.)
Without a doubt, Naruto grabs your attention wherever he goes. Regardless of the fact that is not known as a "pretty boy", Naruto consistently has an ear to ear grin that compliments his slightly over-bearing energy. He's first to try something new, and he's not afraid of the unknown. With unlimited determination and drive, he's a good pick for a front man of a band. Because of his loud mouth and sometimes unknowingly crass words, tabloids have a field day with him, always twisting what he's said into something far, far worse. Still, he enjoys being interviewed, and delivers very honest replies to all questions. He cares deeply for his friends and band mates, who are his family and his life. He won't say 'no' to a party, but he's not big on the drugs. The alcohol, on the other hand, can be something of a problem for him. Still, regardless of his slight addiction and hyperactive behavior, he is someone who is hard to hate, and much harder to miss.

Naruto grew up poor, bored and alone. His parents had left him under the care of an orphanage several miles outside of Tokyo, but he could never get the staff to tell him why. Since they were a government-funded facility, the orphanage had the bare essentials it needed to get by and nothing else. Naruto learned early that if there was something you wanted you worked hard to get it, and he took on any odd jobs the staff or some of the local color offered him. It opened up new doors for him, allowing him to try new hobbies in hopes of finding something to fill the void in his being left by the absence of his parents. He tried several instruments and sports, but nothing seemed to complete him.
When the chance came for him to further his studies in the city, Naruto jumped on it, eager to get away from the slightly rural life. He was placed with a foster family, and it was there with their teenage daughter that he found what he'd been missing. The young girl introduced him into her group of friends and he learned just how fun karaoke could be. He joined up with some of her friends and started a band on a whim, effectively ending his schooling. He fueled all his time and energy into his lyrics and singing, feeling whole for the first time. He worked harder than any other person in the band, eager to better himself as an artist, as he'd come to call himself.
The band booked tons of shows but never signed with a label. Singing in front of live audiences was euphoric for Naruto and he couldn't get enough. He was born to sing; the endless bounds of energy stored within him giving him strength to put on great shows. The band gained some fame, but never topped the charts.
Around the time he turned seventeen, Naruto was discovered. The agent told him about a band the label he represented was putting together, and Naruto took the risk. He quit his current band and was placed in another as their vocalist, and they shot up the music charts within a matter of weeks.
This new band became his family, and he left the foster home to get his own place. With his hard work and dedication, Naruto's become something of a household name. He's got way more cash than he needs, but he's saving up for something special; he tells no one what.
A classic tale of a country boy turned city.
Jun. 16th, 2008 11:43 am (UTC)
Third Person RP Sample:
The alarm clock was buzzing violently.

It took Naruto a moment to figure out what was making that awful sound. With a grunt he threw his arm up onto the nightstand, smashing his fingers on the wood in the process. His hand felt around for that stupid plastic electronic...why had he bought it again? When he found it, he slammed a fist onto the snooze button, knowing that he'd just have to make the venture yet again when the alarm started up in ten minutes.
His head was still pounding from the previous night. They'd just had the release of their new single, and it had been one hell of a celebration party. Maybe taking the entire bottle of vodka for himself hadn't been the smartest idea.

For a fleeting second his eyes opened, still damp from his sleep. With a giant yawn he rolled over onto his back, his stare fixing on the ceiling for a moment before he closed his baby blues again. A smile spread across his face; a sense of satisfaction bloomed in his bloodstream. There was something so rewarding about the hangover after a music release. They were close to number one right now, and these new songs were sure to bump them into the top five.

With his eyes closed he concentrated on his breathing for awhile, feeling the air rush in and out of his lungs. When the alarm went off again, his fingers searched for the 'off' button this time, not about to make the same mistake of pressing the snooze button again. He mentally patted himself on the back- what an achievement, not hitting snooze!

Slowly he sat up, scratching his head violently for a minute. He noticed briefly that dry skin fell from his head when he did so and grinned. His abs pulled his further into his sitting position and he leaned over before scratching his head again, laughing to himself.
'Look at it snow!'

Additional questions/comments: I was assuming that Team 7 would be in a band together, but if that's not the case it's totally cool! I tried to not say exactly who was in the band at present in the history. :0 Other than that, good to go?
Jun. 16th, 2008 01:39 pm (UTC)
Congratulations, you are accepted into Ongakuai!

Please create your character journal, reply to the OOC and IC contact post,
add others to your friends list, and join ongakuai, ongaku_gijutsu, ongakuai_news, and ongakuai_anata.

Definitely good to go! I assumed they'd be in a band together, too. When the Sakura and Sasuke applicants come in, we'll have to run that by them and see if it's alright, but it's all good.
Jun. 16th, 2008 09:50 pm (UTC)
Woo hoo!
All done with everything. Now just impatiently excited.
Jun. 16th, 2008 10:02 pm (UTC)
Not sure how to edit this.
The clause "Around the time he turned seventeen..." is now "Around the time he turned sixteen...".
:D Sorry for all the untidiness; I'll do better boss!
Jun. 16th, 2008 10:03 pm (UTC)
That's fine! ♥
Jun. 27th, 2008 09:41 pm (UTC)
Ore wa' Uchiha Sasuke :]
Player information:

Name: Kitty.
A/S/L: 20(soon to be 21)/Female/Vegas Baby!
AIM: UnbirthdayHatter
Other contact information:

This is an old RP journal, and I started posting here before I realized, my main journal is "Ofglasstears". :3

Character information

Name: Uchiha Sasuke
Occupation: Guitarist
PB: LOL! The Itachi I noticed had the PB I had icons for so um... Maybe Miyavi. I will find one ASAP!
What are your preferred pairings for this character?
Ah, narusasu?. Actually, as long as its a good RPer, I dont mind just about anything. :]

Personality: Mature for his age, the youngest Uchiha seemed to try to keep to himself, always bested by his brother he found his skills constantly tested, and why shouldn't they be? He had a name to live up to! After many long nights and tons of practice the boy wrote his first song, mind you it was a bit clunky, but it didn't take him long to smooth out the sheet music, tweak a few notes and get the playing down. He didn't drop into the deep feeling of playing like a lot of artists, no he pushed for the technical grace that made him a near master at what he did over time.

History: Spoiled, could be one word for it, he felt over shadowed in his home, his elder brother was of course in the limelight, why wouldnt he be? He was fantastic. The younger of the pair knew that, and envy is never good-- It caused the younger of the pair to seek seclusion, forcing himself to work harder then he had before, attempting to do everything his brother did-- but better.

Which didn't always work our well for him.

It was a long time before he found the niche that let him put his skills on display.

Guitar. It had alluded him for some time, he'd never really felt the calling towards music as many others had, but forced into it rather. A training accident having broken his left wrist and ripped some of the tendons he had picked up the guitar merely as a way to train his fingers and retain their former dexterity.

His first song was painfully slow and almost mechanical, he knew that, but he also knew the more practice he did the better his reaction times became and the more mobility he regained in his hand. It took him little over six months to master the guitar.

If only it were that easy for Vocals.

(Deleted comment)
Jun. 27th, 2008 09:53 pm (UTC)
Re: Ore wa' Uchiha Sasuke :]
Third Person RP Sample: [ um, I used something older and more generic, that is from and old rp, please forgive me :] ]

Head canted to the side as a frown came to his lips. What the hell was this!? He scowled even more, that blue-grey book-bag looped over his neck, and resting at his hips. Dark eyes slid over the figure and he noted it was the 'stupid' blond from his class. Tch. Figures; only a new comer or a moron would sit in his spot. Everyone else had been told not to-- or learned not to the hard way.

Arms came to a cross before that angular crisply pressed white shirt, fingers tucked in for warmth as black sneakers came to a stop upon the grassy yard. Eyes fell downwards towards his classmate, however his expression was anything but friendly. " You're in my spot." It was the only warning it seemed the condescending boy was going to give. This of course could (and likely would) turn to an altercation if the blond refused to move. The last person to have taken his spot had regretted it dearly when Sasuke had simply pulled back and punched him in the face. He, however, did not get back up to retaliate.

Sasuke wasn't one for violence really-- he just didn't have so much patience. held a great distaste for those who didn't do as he asked of them. " Now move." It wasn't a request, like most things he said-- it was a command. He tapped his left fingers against his folded right arm impatiently.

The boy moved half a food to the left.

He scowled at that, eyes narrowing as the bottom of those onyx hues was barely in view. Thin black brows lowered over those dark eyes, " Tch." Obviously he didn't understand the sort of verbal warning he'd been given. Sasuke's legs bent at the knees as he lowered so he was eye-level with the sunny-haired male. He peered for a moment before fingers reached forward towards his top-- if they connected he would pull the other close to himself. Scowling. " Are you retarded? Or do you just not listen well?" He sneered at the male who he was grasping, lips lowering into a scowl as his voice held that dangerous tone.

What the hell? Did this kid have A.D.D.? What was he staring at.

He scowled as his fingers were pulled from the others collar but his attention was taken from the annoyance for a moment and back to the pink-haired female. He let out a little snort, " Sakura?" He removed his wrists from the others grasp. " That's Haruno Sakura.." He said as he rolled his eyes, " And if you had a brain in your head you would leave her alone." He came to a full stand, staring down at the other with distaste. He didn't sit however, just crossed his arms a little tighter and leaned that thin form against the tree.

Additional questions/comments: YAY OMG HIHIHI! :D

I hope you liked my post, its hard for me to write things up when I'm not in an RP in an RP style, so I wrote something that doesn't pertain to this RP, but was indeed an RP post from me! I hope that was okay! :3! -wavewave-
Jun. 27th, 2008 10:14 pm (UTC)
Re: Ore wa' Uchiha Sasuke :]
I'd actually like a little more elaboration on the history; was Sasuke ever in a band, is he now, is he popular or just getting into the business? Or do you plan on perhaps making him more involved in the public as the game progresses? Little things like that really help.

Aside from that, it seems all fine.

Congratulations, you are accepted into Ongakuai!

Please create your character journal, reply to the OOC and IC contact post,
add others to your friends list, and join ongakuai, ongaku_gijutsu, ongakuai_news, and ongakuai_anata.
Jun. 28th, 2008 01:03 am (UTC)
Re: Ore wa' Uchiha Sasuke :]
Sorry! And I'll do that and stick it in his profile when I make the journal :3
Jun. 28th, 2008 06:42 am (UTC)
Re: Ore wa' Uchiha Sasuke :]
Heres my Sasuke Journal. ^_^ Thnx for givin' me the chance :]
Dec. 15th, 2009 09:02 pm (UTC)
Hatake Kakashi application
Player information:

Name: Pilot
A/S/L: 19/F/GA
AIM: Copyninjakaka
Other contact information: Munklesunkie@Gmail.com Munkles_unkie@Hotmail.com Fires_girl_savage@yahoo.com

Character information

Name: Hatake Kakashi
Occupation: Drummer, lead vocalist, acoustic guitar, song writer
PB: Reita of the GazettE

What are your preferred pairings for this character? Gai/Kakashi

Personality:Laid back, calm, strong silent type (unless he's riled up, or something important is happening. Also, unless Tenzou wants to say something.)

History: At a young age Kakashi showed a talent for music, and seemed to really enjoy himself when he played, and though most would think he liked something else, he really enjoyed the drums. After awhile Kakashi applied for a band, and though it was a garage band, he really enjoyed it. And it took only two years for him to get noticed, and picked up by a company.

(Leaving this short, because I'd like to have some mysteriousness about him~!)

Third Person RP Sample: Kakashi ran his fingers through his hair as he looked at the blank paper in front of him, he had been working on this song for the past week, and no matter how hard he tried he couldn't get it right, all of it seemed wrong. And shouldn't it? It was a love song after all.

And he couldn't write love songs. No matter how hard he tried, they never seemed right. And to top it off, he couldn't step foot out of his house* with out someone screaming his name and throwing themselves at his feet, or snapping a picture and running off.

And in all honest, he knew that he loved it. It wasn't the attention, it wasn't the millions of people screaming his name when he got up on stage, it wasn't the way they knew his songs, it was the way that they thought they knew him.

He loved it. Letting people pretend they were his friends, when they knew that he would smile and speak to them politely until they were in the limo.

And then he could fall back into his silence. That was what he loved, pretending to be someone he wasn't.

In a nutshell, it was wearing a mask. And having no one to give a shit.

That was what he loved, getting away with hiding himself, locking himself up tight, and throwing away the key. Because if they saw him or knew him then they would hate him. And that would be the end of it.

If he took his mask off, what would they say then? Would they still claim to love him? Would they still say that they wanted to marry him? Would they still care?

Sometimes he wanted to do just that.

Take off the mask.

But if he did that, then what would happen? Would there even be a Hatake Kakashi anymore?

Kakashi let out a sigh as he shook his head softly, and began to write.

Maybe he would take his mask off tomorrow.


Additional questions/comments: Is this community like super dead? Or can it go all zombie-bitch on us? I'm sure we could get it going, if anyone who was in it would like? So anyway, let me know!
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