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A painter paints pictures on canvas.

But musicians paint their pictures on silence.

Ongakuai; a modern day Naruto AU
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This game revolves around each character, literally, as they are always the main focus of attention from the media; Naruto, Sasuke, and the others are rock stars and struggle to have any personal time or peace in their busy lives.

These now public idols have managers, their own hair stylists, and they're damn rich. But when you're in the eye of the public, things like that are overlooked, and your life sucks because you say so.

Ongakuai; this is the tragedy behind music.


I: First and foremost, you must participate in the community; upon acceptance, remain active, log with people, blog as your character (and don't forget to comment on others blogs as well!); we do, though, understand that sometimes, in a community, it is rather difficult to get others to respond when you want to log. This is why, if the community becomes slow at any point, there will be an open log posted; this will give new players a chance to jump into the game, as well as act as something to possibly have your characters interact over in the future.

II: We know people don't like age limits, but there are plenty of games out there that are more than willing to accept young players; we just don't happen to be one of them. The age limit for this game is seventeen and up, no exceptions unless I know you personally enough to decide whether or not I would regret the decision.

III: Let's face it, there's bound to be a pairing in every role play. And often, couples in games end up doing something that you wouldn't want your kids seeing. So if you post a log with mature content, use a livejournal cut, friends-lock the entry, and post a warning. Sure, we'll all be over fifteen here, but some people still don't like seeing that stuff when they don't have to, you know?

IV: You will be denied membership to this community if I have a knowledge that you have a history of absurd, uncontrollable drama, or picking characters up and dropping them a month later. Sound unfair? Well so is being a drama ho and wasting people's time logging with you and trying to build a story with you when you have no intention of sticking around any longer than it takes you to become bored with your muse.

V: Write in a civilized manner; lj has a spell-checker, and everyone likes to be able to understand what they're reading, especially when they are inclined to respond to it.

VI: Absolutely no drama! IC drama can be okay, maybe even fun, especially in this sort of community, where life wouldn't exactly be easy and carefree for a lot of the characters. But any OOC drama, and you will get a warning. Do not, however, come crying mod first thing; try to settle the issue as mature adults, and if you don't feel as though the matter can be resolved by your efforts alone and persists, talk to the mod and he'll see if this can't be sorted out.

Rules are enforced for simple reasons; read them, follow them. Otherwise, you probably won't last too long here. If you can't play nice, this ain't the place for you.


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Digital community: ongaku_gijutsu
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Name: Snook
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The official OOC community chat is ongakuaidesu.